About us

Company created in 1954 by J.Mª Monserrat and José Fancelli under the name MONSERRAT y FANCELLI SRC to produce sailcloth.

In 1970 it changed its name to TEJIDOS EUROPA,S.A. and expands its production with upholstery office, home and leather goods.

In 1993 it reached a collaboration agreement with the German firm Krall & Roth GmbH CO.K.G. for the production in Spain of fabrics for office and contract.

In 1995 absorbs RAIMON, firm specialized in jacquard high definition.

Since then, we continue produccing the above items for different markets as Spanish, German, English, Southeat Asian, French and others.


Placed in Llissá de Vall, near Barcelona.

We have a fleet of machinery, made by Dornier looms tires and clamp, equipped with Jacquard and heald dobby.

Also in our facilities there are two sectional warping,winders, inspection machines and other auxiliary accessories.

In addition to the modern industrial park we have a quality control laboratoy for the monitoring of raw materials and for the final product. The laboratory is equipped with digital photocolorimeter, martindale, dynamometer, camera lights, torsiometer, precision scales and other control. We have a dynamic human structure.

We produces our own collection fabrics and special fabrics on reequest of our customers.

To satisfy these needs, we have a warehouse with an extensive range of raw materials and finished products.


Brand introduced to the market since 1970, renowned in upholstery fabrics based on acrylic, polyester, cotton, viscose, linen, Trevira CS, polypropylene, acetate, polyamide, etc.

At present we produce fabrics for various applications decoration, curtains, office furniture, outdoor fabrics,technical fabrics, contract, etc.

Also fabrics exclusive to the request of our customers. This process leads shared development.

Special Fabrics Raimond

Brand from the firm of the same name, specialized for many years in the making, Jacquard fabric for trim, neckwear, special anagrams logo, corporate companies, monogrammed lining, clothing, etc. in high definition.

The characteristic of its definition is achieved with a density over 100 threads per cm. , Worked Jaquard and interlaced with eight different frames allowing us to obtain photographic effects.

Small quantity orders are made in a short time.